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HELLOOO~??? ♪(´ε` )

So,,, I'm new to this community~
I'm not sure if this community is still active but, I just wanted to introduce myself!
Name: Maeko
Active Blog: maeko2you.blogspot.com
Location: Edmonton, AB Canada

i dunno where to really ask this but..
whoever's been to japan:
where did u find cute heels for cheaper?
im tempted to buy some at DreamV but i want to try them on before i buy..
ones like these: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/dreamv/507279/
thanks in advance!!


Hi all,
I've been really trying to find some gyarus in the Alberta area... but fail to do so T___T 
So if any of you out there are in the southern Alberta region, please reply! I'd love to meet up sometime!


Is anyone hosting any in the east coast?

Hey Gals!

Name: Melody "Sakurina" Poxleitner.

Age: 17

Which Province do you live in: Miramichi, New Brunswick.


How did you get into this style: Can't really remember, but all I know was that Sakurina was my inspiration.

Why do you love it: I love it because it's unique and adorable! ☆

I really do hope I'm not the gal in the east coast.

BC Interior

 I'm hoping to get some girls together over the summer from the Kelowna/Kamloops/Vernon Region. There probably aren't many of us in this area but I would love to meet up, chat and possibly get a circle going if there are enough of us. If you are in this area email me @ cheyanne_bardsley@hotmail.com or message me on fb (Cheyanne Bardsley) to chat & hopefully arrange something.

Thanks ladies ♥

Vancouver Island Gals?

Just wondering if there was any Vancouver Island gals out there. i cant really go to go to meetups in Vancouver and just thought i would see if any existed at all haha


Gyaru Secrets: Asian Dilemma♥

When I saw this, I laughed my head off and was thinking, how stupid is this person? If they meant this in a rude way that is.
Ooooo three asian girls. OMG SO BAD! Their gunna ruin our string of bad first time posters!
 What is wrong with there being asian Gals. 
It's funny cuz asian gals should be dominating E_G.
 Tis their fashion isn't it?(well Japanese) They love the fashion right? They do live in foreign countries don't they?
So what's the problem?
Remember, your trying to copy asians, their not trying to copy you (In a way).
Raa fear of Viki's beauty~♥Such a nice pic~
I also like the Gal in the left corner~♥ They are all pretty.

What do you guys think?

☆Ontario Gal☆

みなさん こんにちわ!!
Age: April 26 1993
Which Province do you live in: Ontario
What is your style?: Rokku and Coco
How did you get into this style?: Hmm In 2006 Egg magazine was featured in shojo beat magazine. When I read through the article, then looked it up, I totally  fell in love with it. At that time I really loved Manba Because it was so colourful and in your face(plus it was easy for me to do because im already dark XD). As the style changed I still kept my love for Manba but evolved with the gyaru revolution♥ I always loved kanako kawabata so her style kinda rubbed off on me~♥
Why do you love it?: Cuz I am a spunky colourful girl and rokku style is soo cool.
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=_= Sad to see that Canadian Gyaru is dead.
It should come back to life! Canada is excluded from all the international Gal fun because we are not putting in the effort! Kaystar and Keely had the right idea and tried hard! Let's all mingle and be friends! Lets start up a galcir here and there and get known so we can show the rest of the gaijin gyaru out there what we got and that we love the style just as much as them~♥ Sweet little Canada will be heard!♥ Let's make the creaters of Glamour Gyaru kaystar and keely and not to forget, The creater of Canadian gyaru, Viki Proud!
XD...so ya... anyone with me? or am I just talking to myself?

Gal/Decora Crew anyone?

I'm not a gyaru but i'm interested in that style. I'm into the childish cartoony decora style. If you wanna see how I look like please check out my profile. I'm not a fake or anything like that so don't judge me. I'm thinking of forming the first Gal/Decora crew in BC.  At meetups, we'll go to Metrotown, Aberdeen, asian restaurants and also go shopping for cute clothes. If you're interested in shopping for unique colorful clothing I can provide you with a list of awesome online stores. If you love dressing up in colorful, interesting, extreme styles and love japanese stuff please message shirleynguyenroxx@yahoo.com if you wanna join.