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East Coaster here!

 Hi everyone!
Name? Elena
Age? 18 
Which Province do you live in? Nova Scotia....
What is your style? Hime, Agejo, Rokku 
How did you get into this style?Internet browsing I saw Sakurina and fell in love.
Haha I'm so alone in the East Coast ;A; 

Gyaru-sa In Vancouver B.C

A few of us gals in Vancouver have been talking about creating a circle there. So if you live in the Vancouver area or able to get there for meets.
We are having a conversation over MSN on Friday @ 5pm to talk and discuss things about the circle.

What we will talk about on friday.
-Me2's and Dates
-if you want it to be a nago-sa or a ive-sa
-Ages, Styles, Time.

We might have a few meetings over MSN before meeting or maybe meet after this meeting in the next few weeks to talk more. At the moment there is no leader/captain of the Gyaru-sa. But I am going to temperately be the leader/captain until a vote is made. My name is Tiny/Michi and I am also on Rioche, and Forevergyaru so I've x-posted on FG and gal_cir
Please contact me at Ghost_Girl@hotmail.com if you are interested.

Toronto Galcir: Glamour Gyaru

Hi! 2 Gyarus from Toronto, Canada [Kaystar and Keely] are forming Glamour Circle, a galcir in Toronto! Please join this community and support us! And please join our facebook group as well!

Our main website blog: http://www.glamourgyaru.blogspot.com/

If you're in Toronto and around the GTA area, and would love to join and be dedicated in this group, let us know in facebook or in here! It would be great to have Canadian gyarus joining together, having fun, meeting each other and making the best out of it!

Hello : 3

Name? Gloria Pham : D
Age? 13
Which Province do you live in? Ontario, bby!
What is your style? Mostly hime.
How did you get into this style? I also found their hair and was like "WOW @_@" I searched what it was and himegyaru came up.
Why do you love it ? It lets me be girly! And I love feeling like a different, unique person. I love looking adorable and pretty.
Pictures :
le cut.Collapse )

Jan. 16th, 2008

 Name Viki
Age 19
Which Province do you live in? British Columbia
What is your style? hime gyaru
How did you get into this style? I was first amazed about the hair and then further realized that this style is somewhat similiar to lolita, and it fits into my life more its still a very shocking style but it isn't that much of stand out compared to lolita ^-^
Why do you love it ? it's more sophisticated
Pictures (this is a must! no picture no intro post)


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